Friday, July 23, 2010

AVC message

We are here for any comments, questions, ideas or proposals ....


  1. Dear Sir,
    How can we get your "AyMakan CD" from outside Cairo ?

  2. Kindly log on, post your address, and we will send you a CD.
    Thanks for your interest in our products
    AVC Team

  3. Where can I meet with your manager to discuss a business plan or partnership?

  4. Kindly call our office 202-26217160 or 202-010-770-2356 to get an appointment

  5. Can AVC show us some of its designed Websites ? And if not, who are your clients ?
    Thank you so much
    Amir Abdel Rahman
    SDIT for trading
    Alex - Egypt

  6. Dear Mr. Amir
    Our web services can be shown here :
    And our CV of jobs and clients here :
    Best regards
    AVC Team

  7. Youssef Abdel NaiemAugust 4, 2010 at 1:47 PM

    Does AVC have anything to do with hardware ? I see on your Website nothing about PCs or laptops !
    Thank you

  8. Mr. Abdel Naiem
    Sorry, we only deal with software and consulting. But we also have contracts to maintain networks and PCs.. This is our only area of hardware that was almost imposed on us from some of our clients out of trust and confidentiality reasons that we praise a lot.
    Here is contract coverage in case you are interested :
    AVC Team